Sunday, 5 June 2011

Abraham yayeh and his speeches

I knew Abraham yayeh from the Ethiopian television screens back at the end of derge era, I remember how he was eloquent, Abraham yayeh and G/medihin araya , Both of them , they exposed the real picture of weyane, especially abraham yayeh was showing us how weyanes hate Ethiopianism. He has briefly exposed the weyanes' anti-ethiopian stand, he narrated it in a fascinating way and clearly he stated weyanes' main agenda 1- fightingf for eplf of ertrea , in order to succeed its succession agenda 2- to divide Ethiopia in to tribal lines ,at that specific time the Ethiopan ppl was lending a deaf ear to any propaganda from the derge regime, simply the ppl was tired of the system , and had not expected any honest information from the derge regime, nevertheless when abraham comes with this information , every body was eager to hear what abraham and G/medihin would or had to say , we were enthusiast of them .

Times went , weyanes had entered in addis , it had happened exactly, what Abraham and G /medhin had told us was true and they were honest .I apperciated the courage of G/medihin and Abraham , they had done their best.When weyanes controlled Ethiopia Abraham and G/medhin had escaped , fled away from Ethiopia. Abraham succeded to settle in Denmark, Again All the way from Denmark we started to hear his voices on and off .Especially when shabya invaded Ethiopia , he started to be a big news in the Ethiopian news papers, abraham yayeh , all of a sudden he has been shown up in the shabyas' controlled region ertrea, he started to propagate against his mother land, at tht crucial time , when every Ethiopian from every walk of life was ready to fight shabya at any cost , Abraham,who was the real enemy of shabya , seeing him propagating for shabya, It was a shock to me , i was not expecting him there, at this point my respect to him started to diminish.I was not the only one with this type of feelings , all of my friends, we felt like that.

In 1997 , in Ethiopia, there was an election and election campaign , during that time , every body was involved in politics, we were expecting a genuine political process, that had not happened , the election process was not fair, there was a fraud and at last the votes had been stolen from the ballot of box, not only that, weyane had killed about 193 youngsters , arrested ten thousands , at the end the opposition leaders had been rounded up and putted them in a jail. Especially the opposition party which was called kinijit was targeted by weyanes. Abraham yayeh , at this cross road, he started to side up with weyanes, he was propgating that The tigreans should stand with weyane, Kinijit is a party of anti -tigreans, but in reality, kinijit was a party which was against any tribal and ethnic based politics. Here we go !! the same person who was standing for Ethiopian unity , he showed up to be a tribalist , even the worst one is he became the supporter of weyane, At this time too, i said what is going on? what happened with him? , I did not get an answer, at that time , simply it was beyond my expectation.

Recently i have read Abrahams' interview from awramba times, he was giving a brief interview about haile selasse, about derge ... , i liked the way he narrated about haile selasse and derge, he had pointed out the good and the bad sides of both regimes, especially for me and my generation who had grown hearing bad things about the emperor , listening the contribution of the emperor is a plus , it encourages us to go deep for a research. How ever would abraham stand firm for united Ethiopia,Ethiopianism and Ethiopian values as he usually speaks , I really doubt!!!
Ethiopia will Prevail!!

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